End of the Spa

I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later and with my luck, that time has finally come. Of course, when I needed it most, my foot spa machine has finally decided to completely shut down and die and now I have to venture out and find another one. Luckily, I have done my research and can narrow down the field to the best spa machines that are out there and now I plan to share that information with you all.


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First of all, we all need moments to ourselves to relax and I believe that having a personal spa machine at home can do wonders for your health and peace of mind. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve just retreated to my bathroom and gave myself just a mini-treatment because there are times that you just have to sneak in a little pampering for yourself. Of course, no machine is perfect, so before you grab that bottle of wine and decide on a spa machine to splurge on, here is my short list that is great to add to your arsenal. You can thank me later!


Carepeutic Ozone Spa Massager


Carepeutic Ozone Spa Massager


For a great machine that really relieves foot pain and provides enduring comfort, then look no further than the Carepeutic Ozone spa machine to rejuvenate and improve blood circulation. We all spend so much time on our feet that it is great to be able to get off of them from time to time and relieve stress.


If you don’t know the benefits of ozone therapy, then you are in for a great experience. With just a few splashes of heated water, the body can experience true wonder. The benefits associated with rolling massage are many and make this an ideal spa machine. The Carepeutic Ozone has been proven to keep injuries at bay, increase healing time of machines after a thorough workout, elevate blood circulation, and even improve flexibility.


With a temperature that can level up to about 118 degrees Fahrenheit, you can get truly heated but you probably won’t need it quite that hot. There is also a special feature with bubble massage or you also can opt to use a water jet surfing system. Even better is that you can use them at the same time and maximize the effects.


With two streaming jets on at the same time, your feet can truly feel the effects of this excellent machine. The temperature in your special spa can be adjusted to your personal preferences and I can tell you that there is probably nothing more soothing than having hot streaming water hitting your feet. There is also a stabilizing system for the temperature that makes it even more convenient to reach a comfortable setting that agrees with your personal wishes.


Located inside the control panel is an ozone and bubble mode. For an exceptional spa machine that truly gives you your money’s worth and then some, you really don’t even have to look for other options. I advised this one to many of my friends and they have all rated it highly.


Heated Aqua-Jet Spa Machine


Heated Aqua-Jet Spa Machine


This is a truly beautiful spa machine that produces amazing results and is a sleek model that anyone would love. It comes equipped with so many extras that can help you eradicate any pain that you may be experiencing. I love to just kick off my shoes, relax, and let this awesome machine do its job.


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For those looking to increase blood circulation and overall flow to relieve the tightness of muscles for your feet, then this is the machine for you. I love how it stimulates fatigued muscles and this particular model comes with two speeds that you can adjust to your specific comfort level.


The water jets that come with this machine ensure that you get maximum coverage for an excellent massage. So, if you are like myself and want your feet refreshed and in their best shape, then I would suggest you invest in this machine and get great comfort in the privacy of your home. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this machine and I can personally guarantee that anyone that buys it will too!