Appetizer Menu

While my menus change from time to time, I thought it would be fun to share different portions of them with all of you so you know what I am cooking in my kitchen.

I am hungry just thinking of some of these, lol!

Stationary Appetizers

Hot Franks Best for Adults

Adult guests will surely enjoy Franks made out of pork and freshly baked buns, paired with a variety of fixins: onions, relish, ketchup and mustard, sriracha, sauerkraut made the Chicago way, and more!

Platters of Italian Antipasti (Assembled)

Imported local cheeses, red meats made locally are perfectly displayed with berries and grapes, olives, roasted garlic, pickled peppers, and are served with flatbreads, crackers, and crostinis

Shepherd’s Way, Faribault Creamery, Carry Valley Creamery

These selections are seasonal and the following items may be included: sweet peppers, asparagus, fingerling potatoes, baby beets, green beans and baby carrots served with buttermilk sauce and bleu cheese that is smoked to perfection

Artichoke Dip

Warm and served with parmesan cheese. green chilies and crispy garlic toast

Pasta Bar

Cavatappi and Pappardelle pasta served with meatballs, grilled vegetables, and Italian sausage. marinated with creamy alfredo and marinara sauces served on the side

Caesar Salad Station

Made in wooden bowls to order – creamy parmesan and romaine lettuce and lemon dressing with fixins served on side that includes: grilled chicken, bacon, grilled salmon complete with croutons that are house made

‘Build Your Own’ Chicken & Waffles

Enjoy savory waffles served with Kentucky fried popcorn chicken with fixins on side: BBQ sauce made with ginger-jalapeno, cheddar cheese sauce, red cabbage and jicama slaw, honey mustard, sriracha flavored with maple syrup, and sour cream sauce flavored with chipotle

Ramen Station from the Far East

Ramen made from pork belly served with kimchi, cilantro, tamari and scallions, softly cooked eggs, and served piping’ hot with Ramen broth that is house made and noodles that are hand-cut, locally made and delicious!

‘Build Your Own’ Sliders

Beef tenderloin hearty sandwiches that feature grilled tenderloin  that is espresso rubbed, also pork tenderloin that is herb marinated and served with: local bleu cheese, sour cream, steak and classic Bearnaise steak sauces, and grilled onions served with small slider buns

Charcuterie Trays


Exquisitely presented on metal risers and wooden boards that feature red meats that are locally cured, local cheeses that highlight Shepherd’s Way, Faribault creamery served with grapes, Carr Valley cheeses, roasted garlic homemade sauces, pickled peppers, vegetables that have been house pickled, vegan meats, cheeses available upon request when ordering.

Shellfish Duet

sea scallops that have been dried, large grilled prawns with Edamame puree, pepper oil with just the right amount of spice, and chive blossoms

Korean BBQ Beef Ribs Grilled with Pear Essence and Kim Chi

Marinated with tamari, scallions, sesame, cilantro, served hot from Texas Griddles

Shrimp Cocktail ‘Shooters’

Large shrimp in Helsinki glasses featuring colorful sauces: dill cocktail and classic lemon sauce with saffron aioli for a delectable taste

Crudite ‘Shooters’

An assortment of baby vegetables in Helsinki classes with three colorful sauces: pepper harissa that is smoked, green goddess, saffron aioli

Classic Meatballs – Swedish Cocktail Variety

warm and served with mushroom-cream gravy and placed on small bamboo toothpicks

Goat Cheese and Flower Timbales

Lightly drizzled with locally made honey. Simple and delicious

Spicy Ahi Tuna Rolls with Chive Blossoms

Served with traditional sushi garnish, wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce