How to Treat a Dry Cough


After a doctor’s examination, they might determine that a person has a dry cough and sore throat. In this case, the doctor might prescribe antibiotics for the cough.

There are things that a person can do at home to ensure that the symptoms are managed. For one, it is always important to stay hydrated. If a person does not like water, then hot decaf tea or chicken broth can be good alternatives.

It can be very soothing to have lozenges on hand. Particularly, ones with menthol are recommended for a dry cough. These can be purchased at a local pharmacy.

In addition, a humidifier will help to make the air moist. This is important because the cough might feel very rough on the throat. A hot steamy shower will also do the trick in soothing the nasal and throat passages and keeping the throat open. It can be difficult to breath when one is always coughing.